Furniture Design Styles

There are many different furniture design styles. Many have asked, "What are the different decorating styes?"  Well, there are modern furniture styles, rustic, retro, tuscan ideas and more. Decisions on which ones to use will depend upon your furnishings design taste as well as color choices.

Designing with style specifics is not easy and may require you to purchase some items to fulfill the theme. But, you should keep-in-mind that unless you really love a specific home furniture style you may become tired of it and want to change it later. So, be sure it is what you want to do because changing it can be costly in terms of time and money.

What are the different decorating styles? And how will the different decorating styles affect your home?

The following list contains the type of styles. Click on the style name you want to see and you will be taken to that page with information about furniture styles,color, fabric, accessories, walls and floor designs to help you decide what style you really like.

This is a favorite of many since the style is simple and elegant.

This falls into a more modern design approach without the starkness of modern design.

A  design with stark and clean lines and bold color combinations.

These are the Victorian, Art Deco, Colonial and Arts & Crafts styles which are
taken from periods of history .

The style we dream about from the Tropical, Tuscany  and Japanese areas.

These are indicative of countries and design elements that are used to indicate that particular country such as: English, Swedish, French and American.

Our country is divided up into compass points and therefore the design styles are different to some degree in each part with Southwestern, Coastal, Southern and Northern.

Here we find a mix of styles from Shabby Chic, Retro and Eclectic.

There may be some style that we have left out. If you want to know about any other styles not included, please email our Designer's and ask your questions. We will find the answers and get back to you quickly.

NOTE:  Home Design Sense has artwork and frames
to coordinate with your design styles.  Just click on the 
framed picture to see our great selection of artwork for your home.

Use particular furniture design styles that fit your specific personality. Don't use them because they are trendy...unless you truly love the style..

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