Choosing Fabric for Your Home

Coordinating home decorating fabrics can be easy if you use the following steps to choosing fabric.  The following information will show you how to choose fabrics:

Keep the background colors of the fabrics similar.  If the main fabric background is beige; then all the fabric backgrounds should be beige.  Of course, this does not apply to solids that are being used as accent colors.

Repeat the colors in each fabric.  If your main fabric has greens and reds; then each of the other fabrics should have one or more of those colors.

The background color of the fabric should be used on the walls. 

Use the brightest color of the anchor fabric for accessories like pillows, candles, etc.

Mix fabric design pattern sizes.  For example, use large and small flowers instead of all large flowers.

To create interest, add plain and textured fabricsyles. For example, use silks and cottons. Keep-in-mind that there are retro, novelty, vintage fabrics and many more style to choose.

The main fabric should be repeated in at least 3 places in the room.  Use if on the sofa, chair and a pillow or two.

The large fabric design swatches are the 'main' fabric.  The solids would be the accent and the others are matching fabrics.
If you have other questions about coordinating or choosing fabric or furniure upholstry fabrics; please ask your questions to our Designer's by emailing them.  They will be happy to assist you.
Choosing fabric for your home.
Choosing fabric for your home.
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