Make a sketch of the room and how you would like to arrange the furniture for maximum comfort and coziness.  This sketch will make it easy when bringing the furniture back into the room and avoid having to move pieces several times.

After painting the room you can bring in the area rug first and position it as the furniture anchor.  No area rug, then just start bringing the furniture back in and don't put the pieces back in the same place.

Also, look around your home and see if any other pieces would work as a replacement for the pieces you have stored or given away.  Remember, if you have a contemporary room you can mix in an antique piece.  See our "Design Styles" page for more on mixing styles. 






These can get cluttered with a lot of items.  Remove all the items and start replacing them, but group pieces.  Try grouping some books and a few accessories on one shelf.  then a buch of accessories with a few books mixed in.  Lay some books down and place an item (bowl or decorative item) on top.  You have the idea.  Group.  Leave space.  Group.  Don't clutter. 


These can get overwhelming.  So, bring out a few pieces and rotate with others every month to give variety and a change for visitors to view other pieces.  Too many pieces looks cluttered and un-exciting.


Before chaning or buying new lamps why not purchase new lamp shades?  Sometimes just a new and different lamp shade can make a big difference in a room.  Also, consider the 3-way bulbs. These give you the opportunity to change a room with bright light (for parties), medium light (for small gatherings) and cozy light (for intimate or relaxing times).


When grouping accessoreis keep the 3-5 item rule in mind.  Three (3) to five (5) items in a group always gives enough varitety without the clutter.  and, vary the size, color and shape of the items.


Florals bring the outdoors - indoor.  Use unique containers and mix flowers with curly sticks, green vines or large leaves for excitement. You can find
unique and lovely selections from online florists to bring out the outdoor feel.

  Redesign Ideas For Your Home

Whether you are green remodeling, home improvement remodeling; redesign is the process of making over rooms in your home that are too cluttered or un-connected.  And no, you don't have to be a decorator to do this.  Just follow the redesign your home instructions below and you will be on your way to a nicely decorated home.

Beryn Hammil, one of our contributing designers - who has been on HGTV has some tips to make your home a design showplace and can perform interior re design miracles.

 Are you doing a home improvement remodel or just remodeling a bathroom?  It doesn't matter; the first place to start is to look around the room to want to change according to your remodeling plans.

Now remove anything you don't want or like anymore and get rid of it - or at least put in away.

Next is to decide if the walls have color and if it is a color that works with your furnishings. If yes, then move on to the next step.  If no, then it is time for the room to be painted (or re-painted).  Look at the fabrics and colors in the room and choose the color you like the best and that is the most prominent.  That should be the color for the walls.  If you need more color help; please see our "COLOR" page.

Remove everything from the room; except the very large pierces like the sofa or entertainment cabinet, etc.

Find the focal point - the entertainment center, area rug, etc and use that as the room anchor.  The anchor is the area where everything is positioned around.





Keep this un-cluttered.  A few books and floral arrangement.  But one that is not too large to obstruct guests from seeing each other and to leave room for drinks and snacks.


Display pictures in small grouping.  This allows guests to see the pictures without becoming overwhelmed.  When hanging also keep in small groupings .

Below are some room redesigns.  It is easy to see how with just a re-arrangement how a room can become a more comfortable and relaxed for you and your guests.  Need some picture frames?

Redesign ideas for your home can bring new life into dull and drab rooms so; experiment and have fun!

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