This Asian furniture design style is clean and simple.  Natural colors are used to create a clean balance between the simple lines and textures of wood, bamboo, stone, lacquer boxes and mats.  Rooms serve a multi-purpose (space in Japan is limited) as the living room would also be the bedroom in the evening.

Displays are fluid (for the same limited space issue) and are changed often as opposed to western displays which have everything out at one time.  These displays are usually in the alcoves (tokonoma) and may consist of one, two or three items.

Furniture is limited to a few small items and a chest which held kimonos, blankets, books and kitchenware.  Shoji screens divide rooms and allow for privacy when needed. Lighting was with natural light at night and soft, diffused lighting in the evening.


Shoji Screen
Green Tea Design Maru Table
Ming Chest 1880s
Paper Lantern
Beige Color
Medium Green Color
Off-White Color
Ikebana Jar
Sake Jar 1920


This is the vineyards and relaxed atmosphere with outdoor patios, villas and sunny days.  The courtyards and outdoor patios are used for family gatherings and to enjoy the clean, fresh air and sun.

The plaster and stucco walls have been aged from time and show layers of paints. The floors are usually terra cotta, wood, natural stone and terrazzo. The furnishings are un-clutter and rustic with dark woods, wrought iron, pine and painted pieces. . 

Handmade colorful plates, tiles, terra cotta cooking pots,wrought iron candlesticks, crystal chandeliers and open shelves are part of the Tuscan kitchen decor.  The colors range from ochres, deep golds, terra cotta, yellow and dark greens.

1950s Kitchen table
18C Wall Cabinet on Stand
Piedmont Armchairs - Bella Casa
1890's Venetian Murano Chandelier
Gallo Botticello - Villa Parades Home
1900's Italiian Area Rug
Tuscan Dish Ricco Deurta - Firenze Gifts
Gold Color
Bright Blue Color
Bright Yellow Color
Red Color


This seems to be a very popular style given it's relaxing and sun drenched environments.  The tropical style has been altered with the adding of embellishments to furniture and fabrics.  These come in the design of pineapples, sea shells, palm trees, flamingos and other elements indicative of tropical living. 

But, if you want to be realistic with your design style; most of these elements can be used in other ways.  For instance, instead of having palm trees on the material, you would have some silk trees in the room.  The tropical homes do not use design elements to indicate their style. They have dark and bamboo furniture which was brought originally the British and Americans in the early 1900's and still remains in most homes. 

The materials vary, but are usually cottons, barkcloth and lace.  And, of course, there are the bright and lively colors that reflect the brilliant flowers, sea and sky of these island paradises.

William IV Table
4-Poster Bed- The Bed Connection
Planter's Chair -The Chair Connection
Persian Rug 1910
British Colonial Breakfront
Lace Tablecloth
Floral - Revival Fabric
Barkcloth Fabric
Bright Green Color
Bright Yellow Color
Bright Blue Color
Red Color
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                 EXOTIC DESIGN STYLE

The Exotic Design Style is from foreign countries and is brought into our homes.  People who visit these countries become enamoured by the particluar design style and want to bring it back home to relive the exeprience of foreign life.

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