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Room color variations show dramatic changes
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Color Your Home!

Color your home can bring life and excitement to otherwise dull areas. Why do we choose particular colors for interior decorating? It is because we either like them or have seen them in a magazine or someone's home. But, some of us have trouble deciding on which colors we really want to use in our own home. Choosing to color your home can be difficult if you let it.
So, what do you do? Look around the room and see what color is predominant in your
furniture and fabrics . Now choose a predominant color from the ones you see and that will be your base color for the room. It will also be the interior wall paint color .

OK, now that we got past choosing color; you want to know "Do colors really reflect our personalities?" Why don't you decide for yourself? Below is a list of colors and their respective personality traits.

Yellow = Idealist, Self-fulfillment, Lofty dreams.
Green = Moral, Balance, Caring companion.
Blue-Green = Sensitive, Exacting and sensitive.
Blue = Secure, Conservative, Trusting and loyal friend.
Purple = Polite, Vain and non-impressionable.
Lavender = Social, Civilized and neat.
Brown = Dependable, Conservative by nature.
Red = Aggressive, Vigorous, Impulsive in your mood and actions.
Burgundy = Ambition, Conscience and strength.
Pink = Romantic, Charm, Softness and warmth.
Orange = Adventuress, Good-natured and charming.
White = Simplicity, Neat and immaculate.
Gray = Cautious and non-committal.
Black = Dignified, Sophisticated and mysterious.
However, don't run out and buy the color that matches your personality if you already have colors in your home. These personalities are just a non-scientific way to look at colors and how and why people choose them. But, keep in mind that some colors don't work in all rooms; so be careful how you choose them.
Use Our Color Scheme Generator to find your color combinations

We will go over each room and suggest color that work best. However, every situation varies according to the occupants of the home and present furnishings and materials .
This is the portal that invites people into your home. The entry door. So, the color should give the impression of a grand "Welcome to my home" message. Of course the color may be dictated by the color of the house.
Living Room
This used to be the most formal room in the home. And in some it still is, so it should be comfortable and have a cozy atmosphere. Here you can use most any color you feel comfortable with and that works with your furnishings .
The colors that can be used in this room are endless; since most of the time the cabinets are white or wood. Of course, there are some colors that should be avoided like blues, pinks and oranges. Not only could these colors have an opposite affect on the appetite by suppressing it, but could cause an uncomfortable feeling for your guests while eating.
Dining Room
Today this room functions as a formal area for holidays and parties and since red is the color that stimulates the appetite (how many restaurants have red in their color schemes); many designer's prefer this to other colors. Be careful not to make the shade too light or it will be pink. Pink is a relaxing color and may cause your guests to not want to leave.
The bedroom color plays an important part and tends to depend more on personal preference than individual psychology. Of course, the color decisions will also be based on the color of the bedding you have (or will) purchase. Greens are a relaxing color and reds can get your adrenaline flowing. Pick your bedding first before choosing paint colors. It is much easier to match the paint color to the bedding colors.
Kid's Room
Children are influenced by many factors such as music, TV, video and friends. Some colors are soothing while others could create a possible disabling or disruptive behavior. Try to avoid dark blues, blacks and too much white and of course, reds. Purple seems to have a mentally stimulating effect, while violets have a rescinding effect with emotional disorders. Consider greens which are relaxing as well as pinks.
The bathroom has one primary function to prepare and escape the troubles of the world. There are no clear cut colors to use in this room. Some decorator's and designer's use certain colors to enhance skin tones. Some like blue because of it relation to water. While others prefer the purity of white.
Entertainment / Family Room
This is the place that will give you a great deal of stress-free time to un-wind, sit back, watch a movie or read a book. This is where the true personality of the owner should be present. Color use in this room will depend on its ultimate use.
Exercise Room
Exercise room colors should be carefully considered. Green should be avoided; since it is a color that is linked to relaxation. Red increases adrenal-gland stimulation, helping us become strong and increase stamina. However, stay away from pink since it is a soothing color that won't help you to work out.
Please keep-in-mind that these are just suggestions to aid you in your color choices. Your colors should be your personal preference. Don't be influenced by trendy colors.
Colors are also influenced by demographic (nationalities) and geographic locations. So when you color your home check out our " Design Styles " page, which will help with furniture design styles.

Use Our Color Scheme Generator to find your color combinations
or Email Us your color questions!