Living Room Conundrums

Decorating your living room is often one of the most involved interior design projects you will ever undertake. On the surface of it things look quite simple: a couple of sofas, probably a television, maybe somewhere to sit and eat, but actually the decisions involve taking into account a large number of factors. For example, the living room will be used extensively by every member of the family, and it will also be the main area that guests are welcomed into. This means that a whole variety of uses need to be considered from the kids playing games, to the whole family relaxing with a film to Grandma having a snooze on a quiet evening.

Quite regularly the investment required to achieve the desired result in your living room is also not insignificant. Particularly if the room is large, hardwood flooring could be a serious cost, as could must-have designer wallpaper or curtains for a series of huge windows. The furniture itself is also something to choose wisely as price will play a part, as will longevity and of course design style. Inherited pieces may have to be incorporated into the overall look, and in all this functionality still remains key.

To keep costs down look at engineered wood flooring instead of solid wood boards, and think about recovering your sofas rather than buying new. Cajole relatives into parting with disused pieces which you have been coveting and introduce some eclectic, unique touches by displaying junk shop treasures and home-made art pieces. Paint will always be cheaper than wallpaper, so maybe highlight a feature wall or chimney breast with a statement pattern and keep the rest of the walls plain.

Get everyone concerned involved with your living room make-over plans right from the start and avoid conflict later on. The perfect solution for all is achievable if you pull together and make it work.


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