Most Popular Duvet Fibres

Duvets are what keep me warm and cosy at night. The fluffy feeling is down to the quilting that creates pockets of softness, which maintains the fluffiness. But what is the best duvet fibre to have?

Duvets come in many varying fibre fillings. The most popular is perhaps goose down, as it is a wonderful temperature regulator. This means these duvets are neither too hot nor too cold. They adapt to the temperature around you. These consequently are popular in countries with variable weather. However, these duvets can be very expensive, both to buy and to maintain. Many manufactories recommend you use an extra duvet cover with your goose down duvet to protect it from spills and soiling. Also goose duvets should not be washed in a machine, as this will ruin it. Professional washing is ideal.

Another option is polyester fibre filled duvets. These generally can be washed in a washing machine, depending on what the outer material is made of. The big advantage to polyester filling is that it is extremely rare for anyone to be allergic to it. Other fillings tend to aggravate allergies therefore making polyester a safe option for many. This fibre filling is also relatively inexpensive and is available in nearly all bedding stores in a wide variety of makes and sizes.

Duvet filling material does not need to match the filling materials used in the quilted mattress comfort layers of a bed. People who enjoy mattresses with silk outer fabric may prefer goose down filled duvets to silk duvets. When purchasing a duvet, it is important to note that the filling material is the main factor in warmth regulation. Any comforter can be used with a duvet cover to create any type of preferred feeling from the outer fabric. Even an inexpensive polyester fiber filled comforter can be concealed inside a luxurious silk duvet cover to create the right combination of cool fabric and warm filling. Work out what is best for you and enjoy comfort in your bed.

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