10 Furniture Decorating Tips

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Furniture is the one focal point of your room design. The following are some tips to make the arraignment comfortable, cozy and exciting!

1. If you have a tight budget splurge on a good sofa. This is where most people will be comfortable
2. Leave room; when purchasing furniture to add more items later.
3. Put items in a room that are personal and have stories in them to tell your guests.
4. Don’t buy a coffee table – be creative by using and old trunk or bench.
5. Don’t fill a large one with one giant seating area. Make several smaller ones for more intimate arrangements.
6. Antique pieces give a room personality…but don’t overdue.
7. Old furniture can be recovered or slip covered to update its look.
8. Have a common color to unite the room and pull everything together.
9. Matching pieces is not always necessary as long as the scale is the same.
10. Monochrome palettes make rooms look larger; so keep this in mind if you have a small room.

Keep you mind open to news ways of re-arranging the furniture. You never know how great it will look unless you try. Check out the many furniture and decorating Design Styles.

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